Best Fit Education is a personalized online guidance counselling service offered free of charge to international students looking for Canadian admission expertise to help them find their best fit boarding school, college or university in Canada.
We are a group of Canadian counselling and placement experts based in Canada helping students and their families find their best fit Canadian boarding school, college or university.


We offer a free assessment, document review and personal consultation to all interested applicants.

Unlimited Video

Meet live online with our counsellors throughout your journey to a Canadian education.


We’ll work with your best interests in mind, from choosing your school to the first day of class.


Qualified applicants will be guaranteed an offer to a Canadian school.


Start your journey to a Canadian boarding school, college or university today. Our experienced Canadian counsellors will provide you with a free assessment, document review, personal online consultation and video feedback.
We Offer Guaranteed Acceptance at a Canadian School for Qualified Applicants.

Canadian College/University Placement

  • Document Review
  • Unlimited Video Consultation
  • Guidance Counselling
  • College/University Review and Selection
  • Application Assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Registration Support
  • Transportation Support
  • Free assessment and document review
  • Personal online consultation


Best Fit Education will provide you with free consultation and assessment. If we can prove your qualifications for the program you seek in Canada we will guarantee admission. Regardless of your current qualifications, our counsellors will help you find your best fit education option in Canada.


We’re a team of Canadian counsellors and associates who can help you find your best fit education in Canada.



Struan Robertson

About Struan

Struan was ten years into a public service career with the Federal Government of Canada when a call came from the new Headmaster of his alma mater boarding school. That call led to twenty years of experience assisting families find their best fit school in Canada managing the recruitment and admissions function at both the top tier boarding school and university levels in Canada.

Struan founded Best Fit Education on the belief that schools and universities should be chosen by more than brand value alone. School size, location, culture and requirements all translate differently depending on a student’s academic background, needs, achievement, family, budget and personality. Best Fit Education looks at these factors as experts in Canada, with first-hand knowledge to assist international applicants make their best fit choice.

A Canadian boarding school and university graduate, specializing in international relations, Struan has always had a desire to learn about, experience and partake in other cultures. His study abroad experience in high school instilled a love of travel, seeing the world and bringing it back to Canada with international students in tow.

Struan has travelled and recruited extensively throughout Canada and has a desire to share his love of Canada with families from around the world. He strives to share his own vast experience with the Canadian education system in a personalized service helping international students find their best fit school in Canada.



Kathleen Cobb

About Kathleen

Kathleen had her first experience living in another culture when she was 15 and studied abroad in France. She loved it so much that during university she spent a year studying in Spain. These experiences sparked a passion for working with other cultures and led to her current career as an international student advisor.

Kathleen was born in Alberta, Canada but has also lived in British Columbia, Ontario and Atlantic Canada (Nova Scotia). She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sociology and Spanish from Acadia University, Nova Scotia and a Certificate in Immigration Laws, Policies and Procedures from the University of British Columbia. She speaks English, French and Spanish.

Kathleen knows what it is like to move to another country to study. She would love to talk to you about your interests and desire to study in Canada. She looks forward to helping you find your best fit here in Canada!